Our Team

What drives us: active travel!

Our Team

What drives us: active travel!

What drives us : Active travel

Since 1996 Windigo has been pioneering small group adventure tours across North America. Our style of travel is a reflection of our lifestyle. We are passionate about the outdoors and want to share this passion with our travelers. We go the extra mile, and spare no effort to make sure you get more than what you can find in travel books.

Our guides, operations and product teams are always on the lookout for new ideas. Always pushing on, always going further to take you where the rest of the travelers don’t go. Follow-us for an in depth, off the beaten track North American adventure of a lifetime.

Basecamp Canada

Julie Turcotte

Charles Frobisher

François Boileau

Geneviève Raymond

Josiane Bureau

Basecamp USA

JoAnna Harris Brewer

Jessica Harris

Our Guides

Claude Deschamps

Benjamin Lelong


Camille Arsenault-Hétu

Charles Hudon-Leduc


Geneviève Gobeil