Being born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Heather has always felt most at home when she is immersed in the outdoors. That can include anything from paddling through white water, summiting a mountain, or doing a polar bear plunge in a glacial lake in the Canadian Rockies. In the past decade, she has had the luxury of ticking off continents and countries off of her bucket list and although Canada will always be home, Heather’s heart is fullest when discovering new places, meeting people, and being blown away by what you can learn about people if you are kind, caring and inclusive.Growing up in a big family has allowed her to have a natural approach to live a life of adventure while continuing to be empathetic , compassionate, and to have a big, caring heart. Heather thrives to encourage and support those she cares about to try new things, to push themselves, and to conquer their fears!

Why travel with us?

Know how

25 years' experience, Offices across North America, we run more than 500 trips / year with dedicated staff and leaders, the overall managing teams experience is worth more than 100 years expertise!

We are adventurers

Across the artic on skis, paddling white water rivers, trekking unmarked and rugged route of Newfoundland, backcountry hiking in Utah’s canyons, we not only sell outdoors experiences, we are passionate about them.

Bang for the buck

Our overall volume from worldwide partners in addition to sisters’ companies just give us the best buying power.

Green and not just saying it

Nature is the heart of our products, from conception to completion, we always think about its protection.