Come join our dynamic team

We are hiring at our headoffice!

Come join our dynamic team

We are hiring at our headoffice!

Come join our dynamic team

We are hiring at our headoffice!

Come work with us

Windigo has been leading off the beaten track small group adventures for the past 20 years across Canada and the USA. From the northern tip of the Arctic to New Mexico and from Newfoundland’s eastern most point to the sunny beaches of Hawaii. We assist adventure adrenaline junkies fulfill their outdoor dreams.

We offer active vacations for people of all ages and all tastes. From challenging adventures to softer discovery tours, specialized wildlife observation journeys or cultural itineraries, our team of outdoor enthusiasts love what they do and it shows.

We want to show our travelers the love we have for our culture, our respect of the environment and our passion for outdoor sports in North America’s most spectacular settings

To achieve this we strive to:

  • Run the best off the beaten track adventure tours
  • Promote Sustainable Tourism
  • Provide unforgettable experiences to people of all ages and tastes
  • Help others discover and enjoy natural, cultural and historical beauties of North America

Our team in the field

Toundrigo Happy hours


Come join our dynamic team and travel to some of the coolest places in America. Meet new people from different cultures and provide unforgettable experiences to grateful travellers. Don’t miss the chance to be part of an energetic, experienced and innovative company that strives to always be better and enjoys working outsideIt’s not a job opportunity, it’s a lifestyle.

Join the adventure!


North America is our playground.

From the Dramatic coast of Newfoundland to the stunning sunsets of Vancouver Island. Into the wild of Alaska’s frontier  to the canyons of the Southwest  without forgetting the burning volcanoes of Hawaii and the ice caps of the Canadian Arctic, Windigo’s playground is Huge. We outfit hiking, biking, paddling, discovery, wildlife and cultural tours from 5 days to 23 days.


… Joining a tight-knit team

We run more than 250 groups during the high season throughout North America, and this number continues to grow with each passing year. When you join Windigo, you join a solid, finely honed and tightly knit team that works hard and has developed a superlative organization to ensure flawless management and coordination of these groups.

…Being enthusiastic

The key to your successful integration is adaptability and being a quick learner. Your enthusiasm and curiosity in the performance of your duties, as well as a quick grasp of the tools placed at your disposal, will get you anchored in no time.

…Fitting into the Toundrigo community

Windigo is one of the two founding companies of Toundra Group, which has given rise to the dynamic, committed Toundrigo community. “Toundrigo” events have become mythical over the years! Whether the eagerly awaited Christmas Party—THE most festive gathering of the year—our monthly Happy Hours organized in rotation by our in-house teams, or spontaneous events such as our Flash Mobs, Mannequin Challenges, and Harlem Shakes, there is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy a more relaxed ambiance and get to know each other, helping us, above all, to create a unique work environment!

…Serving as an ambassador for our brands

When you join Windigo, you become our best ambassador. We encourage you to follow all our pages on the social networks and spread our brand throughout your community. When you are travelling on business, one of your missions is to post content using our tags and hashtags, while actively participating in our blog. A strong brand starts at home!



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Sorry, we don’t have any internships available for the moment. But we would be glad to receive your resume and cover letter at at anytime!

Why travel with us?

Know how

25 years' experience, Offices across North America, we run more than 500 trips / year with dedicated staff and leaders, the overall managing teams experience is worth more than 100 years expertise!

We are adventurers

Across the artic on skis, paddling white water rivers, trekking unmarked and rugged route of Newfoundland, backcountry hiking in Utah’s canyons, we not only sell outdoors experiences, we are passionate about them.

Bang for the buck

Our overall volume from worldwide partners in addition to sisters’ companies just give us the best buying power.

Green and not just saying it

Nature is the heart of our products, from conception to completion, we always think about its protection.