14 July 2021

Yesterday we announced our participation to the BCG500 – The Gravel Bikepacking Challenge 500, a challenge of 500 km and 5500 m elevation gain on the Eastern Townships cross-country roads! Staring August 14 at 7 am the participants have 6...

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How to prepare for a trip with strenuous hikes

25 May 2021

Who has not dreamed of an itinerary and thought: am I fit enough to do this? The question is legitimate because if you are not well prepared you will not enjoy your trip. In addition, you must also consider the...

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Canoe-camping in Canada : Our tips to start well !

15 March 2018

According to the rumor, there are more than half a million lakes in Quebec! No wonder why Canadians, and particularly Quebecois, have developed so many water activities. Today I suggest we go over a very typical pastime that you may...

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Camping in Québec

12 March 2018

Your dream is about to come true: soon you will be on Canadian soil, discovering its breathtaking lakes and forests which stretch as far as the eye can see, but also the kindness and warm welcome of the people of...

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Camping Canada : Waking up to the sound of whales.

8 March 2018

It’s all in the title: Today I would like to share with you my favorite plan  for a few days of camping in Quebec. Mer&Monde écotours, 13 miles north of Tadoussac. If you’re struggling to define this region, all you...

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Camping… and craft beers !

22 February 2018

Because why wouldn’t you combine the outdoor with a cold one? Over a few years I have taken the habit of always stopping by a local brewery on the way back from a week end in the wild. Let’s just...

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Top 5 romantic campsites (in French)

14 February 2018

Nous sommes le 14 février, date bien connue de tous car c’est ce jour-là que nous souhaitons une joyeuse fête à tous les Valentins ! Bon d’accord, c’est aussi la fête des amoureux. Pour l’occasion, nous partageons avec vous nos...

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Why travel with us?

Know how

25 years' experience, Offices across North America, we run more than 500 trips / year with dedicated staff and leaders, the overall managing teams experience is worth more than 100 years expertise!

We are adventurers

Across the artic on skis, paddling white water rivers, trekking unmarked and rugged route of Newfoundland, backcountry hiking in Utah’s canyons, we not only sell outdoors experiences, we are passionate about them.

Bang for the buck

Our overall volume from worldwide partners in addition to sisters’ companies just give us the best buying power.

Green and not just saying it

Nature is the heart of our products, from conception to completion, we always think about its protection.