Your dream is about to come true: soon you will be on Canadian soil, discovering its breathtaking lakes and forests which stretch as far as the eye can see, but also the kindness and warm welcome of the people of Québec. Welcome! And what a better way to enjoy the astonishing wilderness than to go camping?  So here is a suggestion of a route combining the must-see of a first time in the region and  all the contact with nature you need.



Day 1: Arrival at Montreal

Dive into this diverse and ever-changing city! Look for the many events that are sure to take place during your stay and have a taste of Montréal’s rich and vibrant cultural life.

Day 2: Montreal-Québec

After getting your Windigo equipment kit, time for you to head into the wild! Reach Jacques Cartier National Park in the Québec city region to discover a true jewel of the Province: vast plateau, deep valleys where the water flows…

Spend the night at the campground of the park.

Day 3 : Jacques Cartier National Park

Make the most of this day by exploring the park: follow the popular Sentier des Loups and its spectacular views of the valley. See the most impressive features of the Laurentides Mountains: the Jacques Cartier Valley and the Sautauriski valley.

Going down the river on your canoe will leave you great memories with only a few easy rapids to wet your jacket.

Spend the night at the campground of the park

Day 4 : Québec city

The park is only 30 minutes away from Québec city, trust me when I say you’re going to like it! Wander through the streets of the old city, admire the view at Terrasse Dufferin, get something to eat in Petit Champlain or walk on the vast Plains of Abraham: take your time to discover a city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Spend the night at the campground of the park.

Day 5: Québec-Charlevoix

Today you will be visiting a magnificent part of Québec: Charlevoix. This region has everything you want: superb mountains, a majestic river, a scenic road winding between them, charming villages and good food for all those hungry travelers!

We suggest you spend your day into the Grands Jardins National Park, which will give you a very different experience:  lichen, mosses and a Nordic vegetation like the one usually found in tundra regions: an exceptional sight this far south.

Spend the night at the campground of the park.

Day 6: Charlevoix

Take your time to visit the park. As far as activities are concerned, you can find great hiking trails like the Sentier du Mont-Du-Lac-Des Cygnes which will give you a unique view of Charlevoix’s crater. But if it is strong emotions you’re looking for, try the via ferrata.

Spend the night at the campground of the park.

As an alternative, you could spend your time at the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park, which is also in Charlevoix. The amazing trail of L’Acropole des Draveurs will reward with an astonishing sight once you reach the top. Enjoying the park by canoe will give you another perspective this valley, stuck between two gigantic cliffs.

Day 7 : Charlevoix-Tadoussac

There is no better place to see whales. Make camp at the Mer et Monde campground, right on top of a cliff overlooking the Saint Laurent. It is common to observe rorqual whales, beluga whales and porpoises for the river there is very deep.

Spend the night at the Mer et Monde campground.

Day 8 – Tadoussac

The breath of whales could be enough to wake you up this morning… Keep your eyes peels and listen closely.  There are many different ways to approach those beautiful creatures: either by boat or by dinghy. But my favorite by far is to be part of one of the tours organized by Mer et Monde. Choose the time; at sunrise, for half a day or even all day long. Although this can be quite testing because of the winds and currents : be sure to take those into account before making your choice.

Spend the night at the Mer et Monde campground.

Day 9- Tadoussac- Lac St Jean

Take the road early in the morning so you can spend some time in the gorgeous Saguenay Fjord. There are some nice places to stop along the way such as  St Rose du Nord village, listed as one of the most beautiful villages of Québec where you can get a great view of the fjord  from the trail La Plateforme.  A short walk in the Saguenay National park or along the beautiful beach of Sainte Marguerite bay is also surely worth your time. And a few minutes away lies the Halte Béluga, where you may observe some of these magnificent white mammals in their nursery.

Follow the road until you reach the famous Lac Saint-Jean.

Spend your night at the Val-Jalbert campground.

Day 10- Lac Saint-Jean

Discover a big part of the history of Québec by visiting the museum of Val-Jalbert, which is actually a village, one that recreates the atmosphere and features of the twenties. At the time, life was centered around the local pulp mill.

Not far away from Val-Jalbert is the Saint Félicien zoo, where you’ll be able to watch animals in their natural environment from aboard a little train.

Spend the night at the Val -Jalbert campground

Day 11- Lac Saint-Jean -Mauricie

Take the scenic road to Mauricie national Park.  This could be the perfect place to have your first canoe-camping experience. You will find all the equipment you need on site.

Spend the night at the Mauricie national Park campground.

Day 12-Mauricie

This is going to be a busy day for there are  many things to see in this park. Several waterfalls allow you to swim, which is really good on a hot summer day. Hiking toward the Waber waterfalls, which are only accessible by canoe, will be a treasured memory. The gigantic Wapizagonke Lake and its many small beaches is the perfect place to have a first canoe experience. Finally, there are many trails to simply enjoy the vastness of nature.

Spend the night at the Mauricie national Park campground.


Day 13- Back to Montréal

This is the end  of the trail… Time to head back to Montreal and give your camping equipment back.

I hope this article gave you some idea of what your first trip to Québec could be. There are many alternatives of course, and as a personal fan of Montréal  I really advise you to spend a few days here.

What about you ? What part of Québec would you like to visit ?

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