How to prepare for a trip with strenuous hikes

25 May 2021

Who has not dreamed of an itinerary and thought: am I fit enough to do this? The question is legitimate because if you are not well prepared you will not enjoy your trip. In addition, you must also consider the...

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francois windigo
by François Boileau

For a gourmet camping experience

14 May 2021

Even if we all agree that hunger makes for the best of sauces and that after a few days of camping you inevitably find yourself trying to solve the mystery as to why we don’t eat mustard sandwiches at home? They're just so good while camping! Having had my share of sand covered dishes and unidentifiable goulash made of and or in my younger days, I’ve developed a few tricks to make sure I am not only well fed but that I am also enjoying my meals when out on an expedition.  Many things need to be considered to have a good culinary experience while camping. The type of activity, the duration of the outing and the weather in the explored area to name only a few. Each of these factors will impose restrictions...

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2016, 20 years of adventure !

18 January 2017

-- Par Mathilde  Charles Frobisher, who founded Windigo in 1996, is the direct decedent of a famous North American explorer.  History takes us back to 1560, when Martin Frobisher lead an expedition to travel the northern Canadian seas, mandated by...

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New Regulations for Traveling to Canada

26 February 2016

Canadian Electronic Travel Number (eTA) Manditory for all travel to Canada beginning March 15, 2016. Though it was announced a few months back, it’s always helpful to remind fellow travelers about new industry regulations.  First the United States, and now...

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25 years' experience, Offices across North America, we run more than 500 trips / year with dedicated staff and leaders, the overall managing teams experience is worth more than 100 years expertise!

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Across the artic on skis, paddling white water rivers, trekking unmarked and rugged route of Newfoundland, backcountry hiking in Utah’s canyons, we not only sell outdoors experiences, we are passionate about them.

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