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Travelling in 2021 has taken on a whole new meaning. And we’ve realized that there is no real need for a flight or long drives for it to be a trip. Even when it’s not that far from home we have the proof that It is possible to plan holidays that take us back to the heart of what travelling is: which is to move around and discover new and somewhat foreign places even here in Quebec. Come and discover the way our ancestors lived and traveled using rivers has highways and sandy beaches as campgrounds. Only this time, we’ll be providing modern equipment and professional guidance so that you can enjoy yourself at leisure.

Leave the alarm clock at home and live at nature’s pace. Getting up with the sounds of the birds chirping and walking to the river to splash water on your face watching the blanket of fog slowly lifting from its watery bed as the sun warms the morning air. Enjoy the cracklings sounds of the fire as you prepare breakfast and coffee on the open flames.

After a hearty breakfast, we board the boats and cover the 10-15km of river needed to reach our next campground. The days are planned ahead but the adventure dictates the rythm of each day. We take the time to walk up streams to reach waterfalls, or hike back up rapids to surf on a good wave or just to practice our moves and get our hearts pumping in the white water. No reservations, no rendez-vous, no vehicle tranfers from point A to point B…our whole day is spent enjoying the moment, living the experience, laughing and talking with a group of friends.

Another great thing about canoeing is what you can carry with you. Weight being less of an issue than on a hiking trip for example, we can easily plan ahead a number of pre-prepared meals so that we have more time to enjoy ourselves. Barbecuing meats and fish on a campfire is always a great way to end the day. Canot camping is glamping before it even existed 🙂

With no access to Wi-Fi, no local or international news outlet, it brings us back to what is essential. Living in the moment, being there in body and spirit, engaged in deep philosophical exchanges or simply sharing stories and a laugh around camp fire.

To travel at the river’s pace, navigating the rapids with expert paddle strokes, un- supported, totally self reliant, with everything you need at the bottom of your boat is the ultimate feeling of freedom there is. Come try it out for yourself.

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