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Our policies and guidelines have been established according to the World Travel and Tourism Council’s “Safe Travels” global protocols, which has taken into account the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) guidelines, as well as the Adventure Travel Trade Association COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

3 guiding principles

For every guideline or policy we’ve put forth we’ve asked ourselves the following questions:


How do we protect our people, our clients, and the communities we visit? all leaders and suppliers are required to complete COVID-19 health and safety training


How can we do the best we can to prevent the spread of Coronavirus with the information we have available?


How can we respond efficiently and effectively in the case of a reported Coronavirus threat or case so we can continue to protect and prevent other situations?

Here is how we will be applying these principles to our different activities.


All travelers will be sent a self-screening questionnaire.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to make sure no one is exhibiting signs of COVID prior to the trip.  If you answer yes to any f the question on the self-assessment, we encourage you to see a doctor and get tested asap.  Rest assured, if you have a positive COVID test within the no cancellation period before your tour, we will work with you to re-book you on another tour in the future, with no penalty.  In the days leading up to your trip we ask you to monitor your health and be cautious in your travel to get to your tour.

Sanitary mesures


  • Most of the trips are spent being outside where social distancing will be possible.
  • Groups will be encouraged to not gather on the trails and keep a safe distance from other hikers.


  • Van sanitized each morning, and after each day.
  • You will be assigned a seat for each day to reduce any cross contamination.
  • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer before entering the van and will be required to wear a mask when in the vehicle.


  • Our guides are trained in food prep and perform in accordance with Canadian health and safety regulations. Anyone handling food will be required to sanitize their hands and wear a mask while preparing food.
  • Food handling and kitchen equipment cleaned after each use.
  • Plates will be served individually and not as a buffet style to reduce the risk of disease transmission.


We are working to ensure everything you come in contact with is super clean during your tour. Our accommodation partners use similar procedures and see eye to eye with us regarding the measures that need to be taken to limit the risk of exposure.

We will also do everything we can to provide you single affordable rooms in areas where that is feasible.

Communication after the trip

As we have everyone’s contact info you will be encouraged to share with us any pertinent information should you develop symptoms or test positive after the trip. We would in turn reach out to all other travelers that you have been in contact with.

These will be dependent on the region of travel, local health authority advice and current conditions and may be adapted and changed over the weeks depending on these factors. You will receive additional information specific to your trip before your departure.

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