Just because you’re out in the woods doesn’t mean you have to eat nothing but sandwiches and cereal bars! There is no need for a kitchen to prepare delicious meals. The majestic landscapes of a beautiful campground always bring a little spice to your food… So here are a few easy recipes to try around the fire with your friends and family.

Melting Brie: Simply put the cheese in some aluminum foil, add onions and tons of maple syrup, close the all thing and put it on the embers. Eat with bread or baguette.

Tacos: Now that is something that is both easy to cook and easy to bring. A bit of paprika, a sprinkle of salt, onions, pepper, green paper, lettuce, cheese and meat… The people from Quebec add crème sure, which is crème fraiche to us.  It’s tasty, simple, and takes only 10 minutes to prepare!

Blé d’inde: That’s how they call corn in Québec (Indian wheat). You can cook it however you want and still call it traditional Québec food. At the campfire, just put them directly on the embers and their leaves will protect them from burning. Then just take away the leaves and add some butter.

Burger: Everyone can have their own version of this delicious meal. Steak, mushrooms, chicken… Just use the propane stove and there you have it folks: the legendary burger!

S’more: It doesn’t get more American than this at the campground. This is a sandwich of chocolate and marshmallows stuck between two Graham Biscuits. This is the kind of recipe that gives some room to creativity: Nutella, jelly, banana, coconut, white chocolate, and strawberries…Even bacon! The best thing to do is to just bring as much ingredients as you can and let everyone compose their own ultimate sandwich.  You can also replace the bread with LU biscuits, cookies… Just treat yourself with a delicious s’more.

Stuffed potatoes: You think you already know this one. But there is a simple way to turn this famous meal into something more. For example, just roast an onion on the Windigo pan, empty the potatoes and fill them with ham, onion, broccoli, and cover it up with cheddar before putting them on the embers.  10 minutes is usually enough.

Pizzas: Another essential part of the outdoor cuisine, just use naan bread or a pita bread instead of a pizza dough. Use the pan of the Windigo camping equipment to cook it first, using some olive oil, than add the topping : tomato sauce, tomatoes, tuna, some ham, and cover the all thing with a generous portion of cheese… tastes like home !

Skewers: Because you can’t have camping holidays without skewers. Onions (again!), green and red pepper, any type of meat, a few sauces… Simplicity at its best. If you get the chance, you should prepare a marinade. Just mix some olive oil, pesto, green lemon juice, thyme and oregano. Let your meat in there for 3 to 4 hours somewhere cool and you will truly taste the difference.

I’m sure you’ve got it by now: this isn’t about eating something healthy and light or focusing on a diet. This is about having some delicious dinners to keep you walking the next day.  You deserve a plentiful table! You will also come to realize that evoking this kind of recipe during the day is a good way to see everyone pick up the pace and stop complaining.  So bring something delicious to eat, and don’t forget to fill up the cooler!

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