Amazing beaches, lush forests and volcanic landscapes : Hawaii is a place many dream to visit, including me and probably you! So you’ve finally decided to go on a new adventure and discover camping in Hawaii? So be it, but let me tell you a few tips which I am sure will prove useful as you plan your dream journey!


In Hawaii are many campgrounds  but if you’re looking for true freedom and intend to set up camp wherever you like, that may be a little more complicated.

You see, although these campgrounds are cheap (about 3 USD per night), they also are highly regulated.  You’ll need to make a reservation at least two weeks before for a camping permit from a local administration. Every Island has its own permit system, so make sure you are applying for one that covers all the islands you will travel to. Moreover, the authorities are very strict when it comes to camping permit. You could find yourself in a police check early in the morning.

Once you arrive, do not feel troubled by the many vagrants you might come across in the campground. This is actually a very common sight in Hawaii and there is nothing to be worried about. Although the natives are a peaceful people, I suggest you take a deep look at which kind of campground you’re picking. It is easier to just find a spot away from the cities like close to volcanoes.

As far as gear is concerned, you need a good waterproof jacket. The weather can change drasticaly in a matter of minutes and you don’t want to sleep in a tent that’s full of holes. Apart from that, a self-inflating mattress, pillows, sheets and whatever you need to prepare your meals will be more than enough.

If you are not too keen on buying a full camping equipment that you’ll end up using once, Windigo offers the possibility to simply rent the all thing on this link !

lanterns on the Pacific


Supplies can be quite expensive in Hawaii so avoid three stars restaurants if you want to make this a long trip. Why don’t you instead act like a local? There are many little stands or stalls by the road that serve delicious food, and the best smoothies you ever had. And anyway, there are worst things than a picnic on one of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches!

Waterfall in Hawaii


I hope you know how to swim, because with water temperature around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, there are a lot of things to do in the water. Of course that includes some of the best surf spots in the world, with waves towering at 50 feet! If you don’t feel like surfing, there is always kitesurf, kayaks, diving or snorkeling to amaze you.

There are many superb landscapes to admire inland. Go for a walk in one of the many parks of the archipelago, two of them being National Parks, where you can observe the mighty beauty of volcanoes.

Finally you could also go for a horse ride in a ranch or rent a bike to discover the wild trails of the Island : there are more than enough activities for you to enjoy !

dream beach in Hawaii

There you go : you now know the bases to plan your camping trip to Hawaii, all that you need to do now is to pick up your ukulele and hit the road !

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If you’re looking for a complete camping equipment, be sure to check out our rental page.You will find everything you need to truly enjoy your Hawaiian trip !

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