A  night at the campground after a good day of hiking, when the fire crackles and there a good diner’s smell in the air  is a time to treasure ! But what if one of your friends suddenly forgets that he can’t sing ? You better pack up some music. So here are a few suggestions to follow the sunset from your chair.

  • By the river dark, Leonard Cohen ; Who else but the most famous of Canadian poets to accompany you on your trip ? If you’ve never had a look at his work, time to dive in !


  • Time slips away ; Willie Nelson. Another famous singer who left his mark on the American stage. Willie Nelson’s got a song for every moment of the day…


  • For what it’s worth; Buffalo Springfield. The Rolling Stone magazine has ranked this tune as the 63th among the 500 greatest songs of all time. Through the appeasing rhythm of the melody , you can feel the sixties coming back…


  • Have you ever seen the rain; Creedence Clearwater Revival. A good song, the kind of songs you sing with friends, even out of tune !


  • Shake Sugaree : Elizabeth Cotten. This is the story of a maid from North Carolina singing in her African-American slang. The parents being both musicians, decided one day to record her. A few years later, this clam grandma who had taught herself the guitar, would go on to inspire artists such as Bob Dylan.


  • Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town ; Kenny Rodgers and the First Edition. The Vietnam war inspired many artists, and this is a song about broken loves and veterans… Nothing quite like the soft voice of Kenny Rodgers to purr  from your lounger.


  • Sitting on Top of the World: Doc Watson.  Although Doc Watson became blind quite early in his life, he was a famous folk singer in the US. Many of his songs come from lost folklore from the Appalachians, and now they’re forever saved, thanks to his guitar.


  • House of the Rising sun ; Animals. You just can’t keep up with the many singers who’ve interpreted this staple of American folk music.This is a song that will make you thirsty so better fill up your cooler.



  • Hotel California ; The Eagles. Obviously.



  • tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree ;Tony Orlando & Dawn.  During the American Civil war, women waiting for their enlisted husbands by tying yellow ribbons to their hair. Turn that fact into a song, and you get a catchy tune about going home; because that is indeed something you will have to do eventually!


  • The traveling song ; PassengerSometimes, this famous English folk singer will just go back to the origins of his career to start a little improvised concert in the street. That’s one way to say that his songs were made to be played outside.


  • Rain drops keep falling on my head: Burt Bacharach. Great  Oscar-winning composer of soundtracks, this is a singer that  gave us some really famous tunes. Maybe you’ve already listened to one of his most famous songs, written for the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid movie ?
  • Going up the Country ; Canned Heat. We’ll bet you’ll be whistling to the melody right after the first time.

  • Leap of faith ;Greensky Bluegrass. Bluegrass is a particular genre of northern American music. A real immigrant music, all the different peoples from the first waves of immigration  wrote a few notes of it. Now this won’t be to everyone’s liking, but before you make up your mind, listen to this young band from Michigan.


  • Take Me Home, Country Roads ; John Denver.Now this is getting really cliché. But cliché feels good when you’re sitting by a fire with people you care about. If there’s one song everyone should sing along, it would definitely be this one.


  • Come As You Are; Nirvana.  An iconic track from an iconic band.



  • Traveller ; Chris Stapleton : after starting his solo career in 2015, Chris Stapleton really hit the jackpot with this first album. Critics and fans were both thrilled. His amazing voice seems straight out of  a Kentucky coal mine, and he will make you dream of desert roads, big pick-up trucks and smoky bars.


Of course, there are as many songs to warm your evenings by the fire than places to set up camp in Canada. But maybe you don’t know some of these artists and would deserve a try. And if you have really difficult taste in music, you could still try out our wildlife playlist :


The many little noises of nature around you…

The crackling of the fire…

Whispers in the wind…

The lapping of a lake…

Frogs screaming…

You get the idea.

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