If there’s one thing that traveling has taught me it’s that you should enjoy life.  In my opinion, this means being outdoors!  It’s why I never deprive myself of my favorite activities due to bad weather!  Traveling to Asia during the rainy season, skiing during a snowstorm, hiking under a greyed sky, biking during a heat wave, nothing can stop me!  Here are seven reasons why you should do the same:

1 – Because, as everyone knows, the weather is not always predictable!

2 girls in Nelson, and the weather is fine

Sure, it’s easier to predict sunshine than rain!  A lot of the time, downpours will happen before or after my outing, but I always take the chance.  Besides, when you really think about it, a 50% chance that it’s going to rain means there is a 50% chance that it won’t!  Either way, you can be 100% sure that is won’t last! Call me an optimist! 🙂

2 – Because in the end, there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing!

If the weather prediction for the day calls for rain, then I grab my raincoat, rain boots, and a change of clothes.  Supposed to be really cold today?  Then layer up!  Extremely hot today?  Then carry a water bottle and don your sunscreen!

My grandmother always said I walked to the beat of my own drum… you?

Snowstorm in Whistler

3 – To avoid the crowds!

When I find myself hesitating to go outside, I remind myself that I’m not alone!  Which is exactly why I should go outside: I’ll have all the trails and attractions to myself!  A hike in the wilderness is, for me, the chance to escape the bustling city and spend some time alone with nature.  Rain?  I’ll take my chances!

First snowfall in October

4 – To see grandiose landscapes, other than those on a postcard

Sunshine is great, but whenever I venture outside in less than ideal weather, I get to explore landscapes in a new light.  For example, while hiking the Malbaie River in the Hautes-Gorges Park, the fog provided and unexpected, unique mystical feeling.

Huge dark clouds, gusts of snow, torrential downpours… these dramatic scenes offer those who dare to face them a whole new point of view.

Fog in a national park


5 – Rain makes the colors more vibrant, amplifying everything

Water is life.  Sometime, we forget this!  Rain has that effect on nature.  If you pay attention to detail, everything is quite beautiful when wet.  The colors of the leaves, the rocks, the bark on the trees, the flowers… everything is vibrant!  This kind of weather also provide great photo ops for my Instagram page!



6 – For the simple satisfaction of accomplishing something

Whenever braving the elements, battling body and soul against a powerful wind, when facing cold rain, snow, or fog, when I have to hold on to branches to prevent falling…what euphoria when I reach my goal!  I can’t help but say “Take that, mother nature!  You’re not as brutal as you think!”  What better way to flatter your ego?


7 – Because my tea/coffee/hot chocolate taste even better!

No explanation needed.  I’m sure you understand!

Bad weather is totally misunderstood and underappreciated.  In the end, the sun is a bit overrated, don’t you think?

Drinking a coffee in Portland, Oregon

By Caroline Asselin

Translated by Julie Rotharmel

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