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In small groups

Summer Adventures

With hundreds of National Parks, Provincial & StateParks, Natural Reserves, and Protected Regions, Canada and the United States are ideal destinations for any adventurer. Accompanied by one of our certified guides, hike in the heart of Bryce Canyon and its crimson-colored hoodoos or trek through Zion National Park. Pitch a tent on the banks of one of many Alaskan or Canadian Rockies glacial lakes. Spot an imposing grizzly bear as it fishes for salmon, watch a beaver as it builds its dam, or see a moose as it drinks from a river. And at night, as your campfire begins to dim, be carried away by a starry-night sky like nowhere else in the world.

Whether you see yourself back-country camping or lounging in a comfortable wilderness lodge, whether you seek limitless adrenaline or quiet contemplation, our small-group adventure tours will take you beyond your wildest dreams.

Winter Adventures

Imagine the vast North American landscape dressed for winter. Imagine a dense, snow-covered boreal forest where the evergreen pines glisten in the sun. Imagine an icy fjord or glacial river, as if they’re frozen in time. Imagine yourself, the explorer, whooshing through the countryside on your dogsled, reins in hand, adrenaline racing through your veins. Imagine yourself on a snowmobile as you speed across the landscape for thousands of snow-covered kilometers. Or, for the extreme sport lover, imagine being flown via helicopter to the highest mountain peaks, skiing your way down immaculate virgin snow.

Whether you see yourself outdoors engrossed by the wintery cold or relaxing by a cozy fire, Windigo’s years of experience in small-group winter travel is a guaranteed, unforgettable experience.

Arctic Adventures

Travel beyond the Arctic Circle and venture to the Great White North. Alaska, the Yukon, Nunavut, Nunavik, Baffin Island…let us guide through the heartof these little explored, incredible locations with landscapes like nowhere else in the world. Gaze upon the highest mountain peaks and impressive glacial slopes in Denali, Wrangell-St Elias, and Kluane National Parks, see grizzly bears, beavers, caribou, polar bears, and narwhals in their natural habitats, and navigate your way through freezing arctic waters and floating icebergs.

Year after year, Windigo shares its passion for these Polar Regions with small groups of adventurers in search of anything from adrenaline pumping activities to enjoying the Arctic’s silent tranquility.

Private Group

Our itineraries are put together byadventure professionals with a passion for North America and its grand open spaces, limitless in size andopportunity. Its hundreds of parks and natural reserves, thousands of lakes, millions of acres of forests, and countless mountain ranges are at your finger-tips, awaiting exploration. With over twenty years of experience in small group travel, we’ve explored almost every inch of Canada and the United States and would be thrilled to help you custom build your dream adventure. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us today!