Though  snowmobiling has lost its image of a slow and difficult transportation over the years, it is however still seen as a machine with a terrible impact on the environment. Though the constant evolution of engines, suspensions and platforms have allowed snowmobiles to be more effective and consume less gasoline, what remains of its true ecological impact ?

 snowmobiles through the forest

Ever since its creation back in 1937, the snowmobile‘s design and capabilities have kept evolving. Faster and more maneuverable, it has become a good mean of transportation and a great outdoor activity in Canada ( More than 600 000 snowmobiles are registered for 2017). However, the growing number of snowmobiles has led to an increase of complaints concerning the noise and the impact on human and animal life of those machines. Thus the reduction of noise has become a major concern for manufacturers.

the first snowmobile


The creation of quieter snowmobiles was made possible thanks to the update and enhancement of the following technologies:

sound pollution comparative analysis

sound pollution comparative analysis

Trail track are responsible for a major part of the noise generated by snowmobiles: fabricants have thus been working hard on reducing it. Moreover, a new chassis with reduced acoustic radiation has been implemented by manufacturers, allowing for the construction of lighter and quieter vehicles.  The new Sound Pollution comparative analysis are also constantly been improved upon, as well as drive systems to make them less noisy.

Thanks to these improvements, manufacturers have managed to reduce noise pollution by 94 %, which compared to the first sold models is way below the danger level of 85  decibels : between 65 and 75 decibels, and way below the pain level of 120 decibels. It is now entirely possible to approach human settlements riding snowmobiles with a machine producing a 65 decibels level of noise at 15 miles per hour 50 feet from you, which is 30 decibels at 200 feet (which is about the noise of a low-voice discussion).

To conclude, Snowmobile has evolved into a maneuverable and eco-friendly mean of transportation. Even now, manufacturers do their best to reduce its impact on the environment and to enhance its performance, like with the new 900cc4 engines used on all our snowmobiles used on all our snowmobiles , spreading on average 60 % less carbon monoxide and 90 % less hydrocarbon in the air than the old the inter-war period models. Their level of noise is so low that it would take 250 modern snowmobiles to obtain the noise pollution level of a pre-1969 engine!

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Written by Constantin CZECH, marketing coordinator

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