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snowmobiling off-trail

Quebec is the number one destination for snowmobile tours thanks to its 19 000 miles of trails maintained by snowmobile clubs under a single federation. But the Province also go its reputation by relying on its history and culture. If Joseph Armand Bombardier did invent the Ski doo back in 1934 to be used by doctors in the countryside, Quebeckers did maintain this snowmobile culture, turning those machines into toys, tools, vehicles that are everywhere during the winter season.

Being always on the lookout for authentic experiences for our international clients, we are committed to offer immersive tours into the culture of Quebec. That is why off-trail trips play such a big part in our programs.

Riding off-trail requires a very precise driving if you still want to have a good time, so it is imperative that you obtain the guidance of a trained guide with real teaching aptitudes, who will teach you the recipe to keep your machine under control for the first few hundred meters of deep snow.  Once you can manage the basis of this technique, you’ll be able to enjoy the private landscapes of your journey, away from tourist masses, across lakes and inaccessible rivers.

snowmobiling off-trail

Although off-trail snowmobiling is available for everybody, it must meet some criteria to be guaranteed to offer you a great adventure.

To exploit the maneuverability and stability of your snowmobile to its full potential, it is imperative to that you are riding alone.  Having a passenger is for experts only. To properly enjoy the landscapes and the peace and quiet of the forest, your trip should not exceed a 63 miles distance. Because you’ll travel slower anyway, you’ll need time to process the cruising speed and work on your technique. On many of the trails available to us, you have the possibility to easily reach a well-kept trail to our next stop.

Snowmobiles used for off-trail tours have a longer crawler (144 inches to 174 inches long), larger (16 to 24 inches) and usually have bigger cleats (1, 75 to 3 inches) and finally they’re lighter and possess reinforced parts in case of a big bump. Going off-trail with an unprepared snowmobile is virtually impossible.

The settings and paradigms of the group must also be adapted. The number of clients per guide is almost cut in half (1 guide for no more than 6 persons). The guide’s skills must be adapted to the difficulty of the trail. (Only 3 to 4 ranking off-trail guides are qualified as coaches).

Off-trail snowmobiling is available to everyone when well taught, even to those with zero previous experience.

This unique and authentic way to use a snowmobile is, to us, the ultimate Canadian winter experience.

Off-trail snowmobiling is a nice alternative to for those of you who are used to trail snowmobiling, who each year need to push the bar further to obtain your dose of pure emotion, even if it means going faster than what is recommended and putting others at risk. Going off-trail means experiencing something entirely new and enjoying the beauty of the wild, while being in full control of your machine.

Off-trail snowmobiling can be the only easy way to cross the boreal taiga in the more Nordic regions of Quebec, around the 53th parallel (Labrador and Nunavik). Indeed our spring tours (Mars April) are based on long distances across lakes, rivers and forests where the snow is hardened by the wind. Although these raids require more physical resistance, they too do not require any particular skill.

To conclude, although regular snowmobiling can be compared to a road trip, off-trail snowmobiling is more like a backcountry hiking. And so, to guarantee the success of your tour, make sure that:

-You’re dealing with qualified guides

-You’re well equipped with quality gear (snowmobiles, communication devices…)

-You’re getting a personalized route to your liking ( distance, duration, type of landscapes, accommodation )


When in doubt, just ask us and venture off-road safely!

snowmobiling off-trail

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or if you want to plan your snowmobile trip in Canada.

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Written by Pierre Challier, marketing coordinator


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