To understand snowmobiling first means understand the sensations this activity can offer. And what better way to unveil those sensations than by asking a snowmobile enthusiast like Adrien our IT manager, a few questions about his passion.


-When did you first start snowmobiling?

I first started when I turned 30: my friends offered me a three hours ski-doo tour in the Laurentides Region by the Ouareau forest. I was always fond of motor sports, and my friends really did touch me with their surprise. That was my first time and it immediately became a hobby of mine.

-What do you like most about this activity ?

I did a lot of motocross and downhill bike back in France, which both offer similarities with snowmobile, like finding yourself in the wild to enjoy otherwise unreachable areas, the thrill of speed and freedom. It is this kind of sensations that I found in snowmobiling, and even if I had never practiced before, I immediately felt right at home on my seat!

-Is there a model, a trail or a period that you like best?

The best time for snowmobiling is from the end of January to the beginning of February. My fondest memories are from that period. You’re sure to find all the snow you need wherever you decide to go. My favorite snowmobile model would be the Renegade MXZ: which makes sense when you know that I prefer to ride alone all day long. I would not recommend this machine for a raid of several days, for it is still a 2 strokes, so that’s a nervous but uncomfortable machine. As far as a trail is concerned, I would go for Mauricie for this region offers versatile and well-kept trails on a large scale. But if there’s one place I really want to experience, it would be the Charlevoix region! You’re guaranteed to get the very best snowmobiling conditions thanks to the abundant snowfalls and landscapes.  That means a lot of backcountry trails and steep incline, making it the perfect destination.

Any piece of advice for beginners?

Start with a guide! I think that is the most important thing to keep in mind. Honestly anyone can have fun snowmobiling even if you have zero motor sport experience, as long as you have the right machine for you and most importantly the right guide. Having a guide means letting go of all the security, logistic and direction notions.  All you have to do is follow him and listen carefully to his advice to peacefully enjoy the view and the experience as an all. With all the new machines and their different patterns, it is easy to learn. With the new ECO mode, the acceleration is so smooth you’ll take sharp turns. I am more of a lone rider myself, but I was really relieved to have a professional with me the first time, one that could direct me to the right direction and offer some advice.

Do you have one memorable experience you’d like to share?

I do have one really bad memory: I remember a tour with a friend whose snowmobile got turned upside down in front of me. We were on a frozen lake, with very little snow which means you slide and slip. We were having fun when his snowmobile got stocked and got out of control and he got stuck under it. I got scared for this is a machine weighing between 660 and 450 pounds. It could potentially cause grave injuries, demonstrating the importance of having a trained guide to avoid such situations. Fortunately it ended up well but it really got us depressed for the rest of the trip. On the plus side, although there are so many of them, I guess I would say that Quebec’s beautiful landscapes really touched me, especially in Mont-Tremblant.

Would you rather plan your trips on your own, or rely on a travel agency?

Personally, I plan my snowmobile trips on my own, but if you’re a foreign tourist willing to try snowmobiling in Canada, relying on a travel agency. Had I come as a tourist, I would have preferred to pass on the responsibility of the tour and its various stages to a professional: someone who can give me some driving advice and knows the surroundings.


Have a look at Adrien’s video from his snowmobile trip!


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Written by Constantin CZECH, marketing coordinator

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