Detailed Application

  • Names

  • E-mail address

  • Phone number

  • Date of the day

  • How did you learn about the job opening?

  • What are your availability between May and September?

  • Which language do you speak?

  • What First Aid certification do you have?

  • What license type do you currently have?

  • What certification do you have (IGA, ACMG, NOLS...)?

  • Are you IGA certified (Apprentice Interprete Guide)

  • Do you have any bike mechanic skills?

  • List any special courses, training or awards that have helped you as a tour leader and will help you to qualify?

  • (first aid, CPR, ect.) List them below:
  • Detail your travel experience in North America (USA, Canada)

  • Including National Parks, National Monuments, Major Cities, etc.
  • Which skills have you acquired in your present or previous job that make you competitive for this position?

  • What is it about Windigo Aventures/this role that particularly interests you?

  • What leadership skills and experiences do you have that would qualify you as an effective leader?

  • Be specific.
  • Please provide a profile of your character traits and abilities, outlining why you feel you should be considered for this challenging position?

  • According to you, what are the essentials things / tasks a leader must do to ensure to completion of a successful trip?

  • How do you establish priorities in scheduling your time?

  • Give examples.
  • Describe a situation where you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with.

  • Give us an example where this has happened to you. How did you deal with this situation so that you were able to do your job and still perform?
  • Please attach your resume, your cover letter, and all your relevant certifications and/or documents to support your application.

  • Drop files here or

Why travel with us?

Know how

25 years' experience, Offices across North America, we run more than 500 trips / year with dedicated staff and leaders, the overall managing teams experience is worth more than 100 years expertise!

We are adventurers

Across the artic on skis, paddling white water rivers, trekking unmarked and rugged route of Newfoundland, backcountry hiking in Utah’s canyons, we not only sell outdoors experiences, we are passionate about them.

Bang for the buck

Our overall volume from worldwide partners in addition to sisters’ companies just give us the best buying power.

Green and not just saying it

Nature is the heart of our products, from conception to completion, we always think about its protection.