To have a good raid, one must first plan it with care. For snowmobiles and cars alike, it is first important to know your mount and its specificities.  So, to let your take full advantage of the freedom of riding through Canada’s unique landscapes, we would like you to take a look at our snowmobile fleet, through 5 facts.


  • Our fleet contains three different snowmobile models.

BPR Renegade Adrenaline 900cc ACE 4 strokes: with its REV-XS platform, the Renegade Adrenaline offers more than just a personalized driving posture whatever your size, but also a great protection against the wind. And what’s more, this model possesses the rMOTION rear suspension system, made to perfectly absorb chocks and have fun off-trail.

BPR Renegade Adrenaline 900cc ACE 4 strokes:

BPR Skandic WT 900cc ACE 4 strokes: with its REV-XU platform, the Skandic offers a perfect driving position both for woods and regular trails. Its SC-5U rear suspension system also enables better turns and better backing off thanks to its articulate rail, even in deep snow.

BPR Skandic WT 900cc ACE 4 strokes:

-BPR Expedition LE  900cc ACE 4 strokes; although similar to the Skandic level in many ways (REV-XU platform, SC-5U rear suspension system), the expedition model does offer control when you need to pull a big weight thanks to its large crawlers. BPR Expedition LE  900cc ACE 4 strokes


  • All our models are equipped with the ROTAX 4 strokes with ITC engine.

Silence, soft roaring, efficiency and durability: that is what sets the 900 ACE engines apart, the least fuel-consuming machines of their kind. The 4 strokes benefits from the ITC system : instant response from the accelerator, three driving modes, key learning, more comfort for the driver, reducing the pressure on the driver’s thumb…

snowmobile fleet

  • Our models offer three different driving modes adapted to experienced drivers and beginners alike.

Find the most suitable driving mode to your needs with ECO, standard and Sport modes. First thing first, the ECO mode allows for a real fuel saving (about 10 liters per 62 miles) with a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, perfect for beginners willing to safely familiarize themselves with their mount. The Sport Mode will enable you to unleash the full potential of the engine: 92 horses available at any time. Finally, the standard mode will grant you a softer speeding than the Sport Mode, but with the same maximum speed.


  • Our snowmobiles are beginner-friendly

Is it your first time snowmobiling? Do not worry; our models are perfect for a first try! With the Learning Key, this model will allow for better control over the vehicle by limiting its speed. Thus our fleet offers the ideal tool to help less-experienced riders : far enough to learn everything easily !

  • We guarantee an eco-friendly experience

Did you know that 4 strokes engines are the least polluting engine on the market? With on average 60 % less carbon monoxide emissions and 90% less hydrocarbon emissions than the old 2 strokes engines and between 70 and 80% less  hydrocarbons for 2 strokes direct-injected engines. Thus 9OOcc 4 strokes used on all our machines will let you enjoy the Canadian wilderness without actually damaging it.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or if you want to plan your snowmobile trip in Canada.

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Written by Constantin CZECH, marketing coordinator

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